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Ming-Te Wang

Lab Director
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Dr. Wang received his doctorate in developmental psychology from Harvard University and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Michigan. Prior to entering graduate school, he was a school counselor in a rural middle school. A majority of the students were aborigines, who often coped with alcohol-influenced homes and the crippling effects of poverty and discrimination. Promoting their motivation to learn and helping them to establish healthy self-identities and visions for the future were his priority and counseling code for them. This professional experience provided him with an insight into the complex web of psychological and contextual processes at play in child and adolescent development. He has been exploring how different social contexts promote the development and integration of academic and social competence in adolescents, and using quantitative methods designed to evaluate complex developmental pathways. In his free time Dr. Wang enjoys spending time with his wife and 3-year old daughter, jogging, camping, fishing, and mountain climbing. Psychology in Education Department of Psychology Learning Research and Development Center