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Dr. Wang is currently accepting new doctoral students!!

Graduate Students

Graduate students join our laboratory via Graduate Programs in Applied Developmental Psychology at the School of Education or Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology. You can find out more information about our programs on the University of Pittsburgh’s website. Graduate students in our lab often participate in our ongoing research projects and are encouraged to develop and implement their own independent research projects within our laboratory. If you have specific questions about applying to Pitt’s Graduate Programs in either Applied Developmental Psychology or Developmental Psychology, and are interested in working in our laboratory, please contact Dr. Ming-Te Wang.

Research Assistants

We currently do not have any Research Assistant positions available; however, we often have volunteer Research Assistant opportunities available for those with an interest in developmental and motivational research who are able to volunteer at least five hours per week for a period of at least six months. RA positions involve working closely with our research team (which includes faculty, graduate students, and other RAs) and assisting with subject recruitment; helping to collect data; coding, entering, and analyzing data; and in some cases helping with the presentation of results at professional meetings and in scientific publications. If you are interested in learning more about such opportunities, please contact Dr. Ming-Te Wang.