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DMR in the Media: Harsh Verbal Discipline is Ineffective and Harmful

Parents: Yelling and Swearing at teens can backfire

DMR in the Media: ‘Active’ Student Engagement

‘Active’ Student Engagement Goes Beyond Class Behavior, Study Finds

DMR in the Media: Student Engagement is More Than Just Student Behavior

Student Engagement Includes Attention to Feelings & Thoughts

DMR in the Media: Understanding and Improving Student Engagement

Student Engagement More Complex, Changeable than Thought

DMR in the Media: Are Cultural Stereotypes Playing a Role in Women Steering Away from Careers in Science?

How Cultural Stereotypes Lure Women Away From Careers in Science

DMR in the Media: More Career Options Could Explain Why Less Women Choose Jobs in STEM

More Career Options May Explain Why Fewer Women Pursue Jobs in Science and Math

DMR in the Media: Instilling Racial Pride in Black Teens Linked to Better Success in School

Can Instilling Racial Pride in Black Teens Lead to Better Educational Outcomes?

DMR in the Media: Strong Teacher-Child Relationship Shows Decreases in Misconduct in Teen Boys

Strong Teacher-Child Relationship Decreases Misconduct in Teen Boys

DMR in the Media: Parents of Teens Still Have Ability to Influence Teen’s Engagement in School

Parents of Teens: You Can Influence Your Kids About School

DMR in the Media: Adults Play a Greater Role Than Peers in School Engagement

Adult Seem to Have Most Impact on Teens’ School Success

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