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University of Massachusetts Medical School — Baystate Health Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD away rotation, audition rotation, externship, sub-internship, sub-I vii. OF ROTATION ANES Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY Anesthesiology 2017-2018 ANES Baystate Medical Center Anesthesiology 2016-2017 Away Rotations Away rotations are not a necessity to getting a great residency spot. Applying for a UMass elective: Applications for all UMass electives must be made through VSAS, the AAMC's online Visiting Student Application Service. Page 1 of 3 - What Pens Does Baystate Blue Work In? - posted in Inky Thoughts: I have just bought a bottle of Noodler's Baystate Blue to use in my Noodler's stylographic rollerball pen. I don't necessarily recommend this approach, but I did want to actually take advantage of my last year of medical school to learn as This year I elected to return to the hospital for most of my fourth-year rotation, hoping to take further advantage of the terrific teaching environment, diverse patient population and intriguing case presentations. They made sure everything went smoothly and helped me purchase my dream car! I got to the dealership at 10AM and drove away without any problems shortly after on the same day. Visiting fourth–year medical students are invited to apply for elective rotations offered by each of the clinical departments of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. If you are scheduled for a rotation at St. Electives may be scheduled through the medical school (university specific) or by contacting the Hospital/Department directly. Elective months are available to focus on areas of interest or schedule away rotations. NSTP is an optional clinical elective providing  You need to stand back away from your door so the . Because Baystate Medical Center is the region's tertiary referral center—and one of the highest volume emergency departments in the northeast—you will be exposed to diverse pathologies and advanced procedures. The Visiting Medical Student Program enriches both Duke University School of Medicine and the visiting medical student. A $100. Coach Sawtelle added "When you got the 3 Amigo's leading your pitching rotation, you  VSAS – Visiting Student Application Service VSAS is a standardized, online application for 4th year clinical away electives and Baystate Medical Center. In addition residents also will train at Hillcrest and Fairview hospitals, both of which are Cleveland Clinic health system hospitals that provide obstetrics care. using the find feature, (Cntl-F). Student Elective Rotations. These are currently listed in a pdf document with their administrative contact information. students in their senior year of medical school, away rotations are generally elective activities that take place away from the student’s academic “home” institution and can be within or outside of the United States. During your away rotations, you’ll be immersed in orthopedics – formal didactics, grand rounds, rounding, clinic, OR. I couldn't be happier with the service, price and treatment that I received at Baystate Ford and I would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a car ! Read More An excellent two-week rotation in molecular pathology is done at the state-of-the-art facilities of NeoGenomics in Ft. Booking. They offer a bunch of benefits (and harms) -- exploring a new city, a new hospital, moving closer to a loved one for at least a little while, and sometimes, they can help you match at a residency program. Records 1 - 10 of 9733 Duration of Elective https://www. These days, it seems like a bunch of medical students are doing away rotations. Electives are for four weeks and are available, space permitting, to full-time students in good academic standing in the final or fourth year at a medical school in North America accredited by either the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or the American By the end of their rotation the students will know the rigors and excitement of emergency medicine. OFF‐SITE “AWAY” ELECTIVE ROTATION POLICY Penn State Hershey Graduate Medical Education Residents and fellows may desire to take an elective rotation at an outside institution within the United States or abroad. Other options can also be found on our Off-Campus Housing page. This article is a summary of a webinar held by Public Relations and Communications Committee on Navigating Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) and Q&A with a fourth year who completed two away rotations and faculty interventional radiologists on M4 IR away rotations. 3. Most training will take place at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. FIGURE 2. Tried ammonia and bleach. Visiting Rotations for Residents and Fellows. Please do not contact Kendall Regional Medical Center GME office seeking a rotation. After much debate, I did not do any away rotations, still got 11 interviews and matched at my No. 10 medical student away rotations without clinical responsibilities. If you want to go into EM, I probably wouldn't recommend an away at Tufts Med Center since there's no residency program there and you won't see trauma (although one BI resident rotates there every month). carilionclinic. PURCH is a new pathway toward a medical degree for UMass Medical School students. Away rotations at Baystate Medical Center, the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, and Roger Williams Medical Center provide specialty experience in pediatric surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, trauma surgery, transplantation surgery, and surgical oncology. PGY-2 residents receive ten months of training in various Emergency Department settings, including two months of designated pediatric Emergency Medicine. GENERAL INFORMATION. " Away rotations are less common in fields like Pediatrics or Internal Medicine unless you are specifically interested in one program or region. I did my audition rotation at Baystate and knew right away that this was the place for me. year clinical away electives and provides: Visiting Student Application Service - 2 - 11/2016 Baystate Medical Center . She’s also one of an unusually large number of people who grew up in this region who are part of the new class of residents at Baystate and started work just about a month ago. It was well organized and was a great learning experience. Baystate has received national recognition for excellence in education and research, and has been ranked among the top in the nation for safe, high-quality patient care. com is a student-run website that helps medical students find and post sublets while doing away rotations. RotatingRoom. Residencies: Tufts sponsors two excellent emergency medicine residency programs. Once scheduled for a rotation, students must contact the Registrar’s office, directly, to cancel the offer. Needing a LOR or wanting to see a particular program out of your region is a good reason, but being “accepted” for an away rotation is not an indication of acceptance for residency or even a guarantee of a future interview. Albany Medical College will only be accepting students who are eligible to apply through VSAS. For example, I could generally manage 4 patients simultaneously at the other hospital, but felt stretched managing 2-3 patients at Baystate just because they were in general more acutely ill. Umass Gen Hosp. D. The rest of her is under a Rockwell is now a pediatric resident at Baystate Medical Center, and will undertake a rotation in the NICU sometime within the next year. We are fully committed to maintaining this high level of excellence in training for future generations of primary care internists, hospitalists and subspecialists. Baystate hosts more than 100 4th year medical students each year in more than 40 electives. If you are having trouble getting two rotations look in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest as these locations have more open positions for visiting students. Place the saddle on the large saddle gasket. We recommend you visit Rotating Room to search for accommodations. Also U Texas Houston Program: Baystate Medical Center Rotation: EM  The struggle to find open spots for away rotations in Emergency Medicine is becoming increasingly difficult year after year. The patient, Eileen Conway, 63, is not conscious. 5. Adam Kellogg's (APD at Baystate) wonderful EM Advisor . I didn't really stare down any prices in my weakened condition, I was just catching up with Dawn. Loyola had a good setup as well. There are 3 main reasons to do an away rotation, and at least one of them will apply to you. Away rotations can give you the chance to live in a different city for a month, allowing you to see if that is a city you would enjoy residing in for 3-4 years during residency. The SBH internal medicine residency program is fully ACGME-accredited and has a long history of training extremely skilled internal medicine physicians. Vincent’s, Baystate Medical Center, Reliant Medical Group, Tara Vista, or Southern New Hampshire (or if you need to complete a UDS at the request of a hospital unaffiliated with UMMS, for an away rotation), you will complete the drug screening at Employee Because Baystate Medical Center is the region's tertiary referral center—and one of the highest volume emergency departments in the northeast—you will be exposed to diverse pathologies and advanced procedures. 4th Year Electives for Visiting Medical Students. For me, jumping into the fray is the quickest way to pick up What are the disadvantages of away rotations? Applying for an away rotation can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. . Rotate the plants ¼ turn in the same direction every week to maintain . org/visiting-medical-students Rotating Students on "Ultra-Tox" will join our emergency  These are the 10 best nonclinical away rotations for medical students. You Away rotations are not mandatory but are strongly recommended to allow you to see how another ED functions. Opportunities for research. Most osteopathic orthopedic program coordinators I spoke to suggested four week rotations. 13 likes. We found USMLE scores and away rotations both are important when considered as part of the total portfolio, which confirms data from the studies by Clark et al. EM rotations should be completed at departments that have a residency program. First, an away rotation can be an "audition" for the residency program in which you're interested. Away Rotation Basics and FAQ's - Start here. 4. is really well known and if I was selected in that special focused program (PURCH) then rotations would be an hour away 3rd and 4th year at Baystate Health, which is also known and established. Notice the hairs on the leaf generally grow away from the center or crown of the plant. Medical Student Education 4th Year Electives Applying for 4th Year Electives . AWAY ROTATIONS. The Bay State Breakers is a comprehensive hockey organization composed of teams competing in the USPHL, Eastern Hockey Federation, The EHF Selects and the New England Girls Hockey League, with teams ranging from age 6 through 18. If you wish to apply for a rotation that begins prior to May 2019 please email clinicaleducation@drexel. It was super. Our excellent faculty are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for Emergency medicine with students at all levels of training. through time and space allocation, use/area rotation schemes, and/or. is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is supported internationally by 198 offices in 70 countries. com B. Bay State Bulldogs: Sports league web site provided and hosted free of to their good friend Chris MacIver who passed away a few short weeks ago. The remainder of the year includes four-week rotations in the following areas: trauma, obstetrics, anesthesia/ultrasound, inpatient cardiology service, and two ICU months. An away rotation can give you practical and procedural experience that you may not get during your home EM rotation. com provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage Some will debate the educational value of these rotations given their high cost but I am a staunch believer that you can learn a lot during your ortho away season. Fourth year medical students may contact the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office to seek information about potential elective rotations. I couldn't be happier with the service, price and treatment that I received at Baystate Ford and I would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a car ! Read More Are you are a Fourth Year Medical Student looking for a rotation with us? Please read the information below and follow the steps outlined for the application process. Information for Medical Students* Seeking Elective Rotations at Drexel University College of Medicine. I loved the emphasis on work-life balance, wellness, and the feel of camaraderie between the residents. Only a square of her stomach is exposed. These elective opportunities include observerships, summer research programs, clinical opportunities, away rotations, away electives, clinical rotations and visiting opportunities. Visiting Students-Elective Information. While you are here, you are going to work hard. Unscrew the feed sleeve and cap containing the boring bar assembly from the 9'linder Of the machine (21/2 turns). Hard rock music is cranked up in the operating room and the lights are dimmed. Baystate is a hidden gem, chock-full of surprises and treasures waiting to be discovered. Thank you for considering Albany Medical College’s fourth year visiting student elective program. The latest nights are nearly alway Large 2. There are the common exercise workouts like the push ups, squats etc that don’t need instructions and there are the sophisticated programs like the P90X that come with an instruction manual. The Weather Channel and weather. OF ROTATION ANES Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY Anesthesiology 2017-2018 ANES Baystate Medical Center Anesthesiology 2016-2017 The following subspecialties have their own dedictated rotation and require no grossing: Derm, Renal, and Neuro. Sep 2, 2018 Appendix B - Statutes and Regulations for Kachemak Bay State Park and Trails away from the node(s) will be lower classed and less dense. We are equidistant to Manhattan and Long Island beaches or Wine Country. The Tufts affiliated EM residency program is at Baystate, which is about an hour and a half away in Springfield. The following subspecialties have their own dedictated rotation and require no grossing: Derm, Renal, and Neuro. Our clinical faculty is committed to providing comprehensive training to our third- and fourth-year medical students. 4) Hospital system - i bet tulanes is nice but we never got to see it. . In Nathan's formulation of Baystate Blue, in order to achieve paper permanence, compounds not normally found in other inks had to be added, which may explain the non-7 pH and advice to not mix with other inks. The following procedures must be followed when establishing an away rotation for UCSF residents and fellows. Students who are interested in participating in Baystate Medical Center programs should refer to Baystate's website. If you haven't already used EMRA Match Clerkship to look for open rotations - there is a feature that will actively update open spots so you can apply to programs that have openings. 122,000+ ED visits per year. I had a CEL the day I got back from vacation, then after 3 days it went away, I called the Stealership last week and today was the first opening. International Students On the inpatient rotation, residents alternate through general medicine services, intensive care units, the Emergency Department and consultation services. We have third year electives, which can include research, away rotations or International electives. Such away elective rotations should have as its primary goal an BAY STATE (ROAD) SPORTS A place where Haters Gonna Hate and Skaters Gonna Skate. Baystate Medical Center, a 716-bed teaching hospital and the region’s only level 1 trauma center, is part of Baystate Health, a not-for-profit, mission-driven, integrated health system serving a population of over 750,000 people in communities across western Massachusetts. The Away rotations at Baystate Medical Center, the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, and Roger Williams Medical Center provide specialty experience in pediatric surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, trauma surgery, transplantation surgery, and surgical oncology. 1 choice. but you definitely want to do at least 1 away rotation there. International medical students will be accepted for patient care rotations only if their universities have a preexisting, written agreement with IU School of Medicine. The Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) is designed to increase medical student awareness of opportunities in academic medicine, to increase student consideration of academic training programs for internship and residency, and especially, to increase the number of national minority students applying to HMS-affiliated hospital training programs. With a Mission to prepare students for successful careers and global citizenship through academic rigor and individualized support, Bay State College seeks candidates who will be leaders in fulfilling that Mission. Nationwide Children's Hospital works in conjunction with The Ohio State University to provide rotations for fourth year medical students. Right now I'm staring at my stapler and wondering what it would taste like. Every program talks about wellness, but Baystate walks the walk. Our program is home to 38 residents. One of the rotations listed below – Quality Management and Patient Safety at Baystate Medical Center – I completed myself back in the day as a fourth year medical student. The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson does not provide housing for visiting medical students. The patient population was a lot more diverse than I was expecting, and more sick than my other away rotation at an inner-city safety net hospital. com is a student-run website that helps medical students find and post sublets while doing away rotations at hospitals around the country. Days end at a variable time based on surgical schedule (you are responsible for all cases that arrive that day for your rotation) and the pace an attending signs out. Finding—and setting up—an elective rotation can be a daunting process. **The information below may not apply to foreign graduates as the process may be different due to the visas and paperwork needed. An away rotation may get you an interview you might otherwise not get. To the west at Baystate there are 14 residents per year in the emergency department where over 110,000 patients are seen annually. 21. ; Residency Program Director Videos - This is where residency directors from each specialty talk about what is needed in their specialty to be a competitive applicant for the Match. V. - Participate in the professional-on-call rotation, providing primary after-hours response to all residents on campus with the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Assistant Director of Residence Life and the Residence Director. The VSLO program helps medical and public health students connect with institutions offering short-term elective opportunities that can enhance their medical education. FOURTH YEAR (M4) 6 Scheduling Away Electives and Independent Studies Away Electives All students are encouraged to participate in at least one away rotation. com provides google-mapped results, public transportation directions, panoramic street views, and more. DEPT INSTITUTION COURSENAME ACADEMIC YR. Baystate Medical Center, Regional Campus. Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine welcomes visiting medical students into the senior elective program. the raised proiection up away from the pipe. Medical students enrolled at a medical school in the United States are eligible to apply for guest student elective study at Indiana University School of Medicine. This is my first experience with Diverticulitis, not fun. The exception to this trend was the South pointe program which only allows two week rotations. Providing quality medical education is at the core of PCOM's rich tradition. FIU and NSU third year medical students must coordinate rotations with their school's academic advisors. Get inspired to begin transforming HR at your company. e. Also, the Transmission is throwing dozens of codes left and right, there is definitely something wrong, and it's not something that you would want to drive until it's fixed". If you have an emergency, which cannot wait until medical staff can schedule you, notify your unit. 00 non-refundable processing fee is assessed for each approved rotation. Students may not participate in more than four away electives. Clinical Experiences offered to Visiting Students. Away Rotation Discernment/Basics. edu. Outpatient education is provided by the ambulatory care rotation (ACR), ambulatory subspecialty elective (ASE) and a weekly continuity clinic. Myers, Florida, with expenses paid. NOTE: This can be done more convalientiy if I was using Noodlers Baystate blue in my Ahab for the last 2 months. Yes but then he shortly takes it back. The away rotation is an important factor in selection of candidates for residency in orthopaedic surgery. and Mercy Medical Center are a half-mile away) is comforting. The Army ROTC's Bay State Battalion at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has its headquarters at Worcester . We blog a - Participate in the nightly duty rotation with the Resident Assistants in your assigned building. Baystate was my last stop before home. To have the away rotation added to your schedule, complete this form. For the most part, I agree with this sentiment As the premier organization for high-quality research and educational innovation in emergency care, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) creates and promotes scientific discovery, advancement of education, and the highest professional and ethical standards for clinicians, educators, and researchers. Visiting Students. edu for instructions. We are in the process of expanding to 14 for each year of training. No phone calls for visiting rotations please, emails only to clinicaleducation@drexel. Students  Students attending an Osteopathic medical school are eligible to Baystate Medical medical students interested in applying to our Visiting Student Program. We recognize that these leaders may achieve in a diverse range of domains, including cancer prevention, health policy, clinical care, patient-based translational research and basic science. Author: Linda Katirji MD, Emergency Medicine Resident, University of Kentucky Medical Center, on behalf of the CORD Student Advising Task Force (SATF) As students embark on their away rotations and interview season draws near, we wanted to highlight a particularly useful resource for fourth year medical students applying to emergency medicine and those who advise… The University of Wisconsin-Madison warmly welcomes fourth year medical students with an interest in Emergency Medicine (EM) from all across the nation. , Bajaj and Carmichael , and Bernstein et al. This list has been created to help  Jun 2, 2016 A federal agency is suing Baystate Medical Center of Springfield for allegedly discriminating against an employee who refused to get the flu  Jul 26, 2017 I want to point you to Dr. Cleaned pen today, clear window is not clear anymore, it has a blue tinge to the window. Bay State College is a private career-focused college founded in 1946 in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. Students have described post-October away rotations as logistically challenging and, honestly, awkward to ask for time off during an away rotation to interview at other programs. 40 . Policy on Medical Student Rotation Scheduling Criteria; Scheduling Rotations. ADP is a better way to work for you and your employees, so everyone can reach their full potential. Dec 19, 2015 WAS wondering how U Kentucky or U Louisville away rotations are. Before you can begin the rotation, you will first need to fill out at least one medical form from the location of the rotation. "New Innovations is a terrific example of what a SaaS (Software as a Service) should be: Maximum impact with nearly zero need for internal IT support. Applicants must be in good academic standing, receive academic credit by the home school for the visiting student experience, and be actively progressing toward a Doctor of Medicine degree at an affiliated LCME accredited institution, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at an 10 medical student away rotations without clinical responsibilities. Even coordinators for programs that allow two week rotations suggested that four week rotations were preferred. if you really want to go somewhere specifically, and are confident that you can rock the rotation and make a strong case for… While you can technically do away rotations up until the winter of your 4 th year, I would recommend finishing by early October. Location -- 50 Maple Street Baystate Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice week; Weekend and Holiday Rotation; Driving Required - See Fleet Policy Below   Bay State Wind Offshore Wind Farm Site Assessment Plan of the three orthogonal axes, three angular rate gyros that measure rotation about the yaw, pitch. A HEPA air apparatus is created to spice up indoor air high quality and scale again metastasis problems attributable to pollution. Search here for sublets at Tufts University near Baystate Medical Center. Omar Hariri, Class of 2017 Reasons to do an away: Necessary - some fields (surgical subspecialties, EM) essentially require that you do away rotations High interest in a specific program - i. These guys seem pretty squared away, I think they'll do well, I know I'll Accepting an Away Rotation: in order to receive credit for the away rotation, you must be registered in Oasis at least thirty days prior to the start date of the rotation. One of the rotations listed below – Quality Management and Patient Safety at Baystate . Away Rotation Procedure: READ THIS FIRST Forms Away Rotation – Form A (Required Rotation or Recurring Elective – INITIAL) Away Rotation – Form B (Required Rotation or Recurring Elective – SUBSEQUENT) Away Rotation – Form C (One-time, Elective Rotation) Travel Alerts, Notices & Warnings by the University International Studies Office International Rotation Checklist ECFMG Notification Elective clinical rotations allow students to get more experience in work environments or subspecialties they are interested in, and at some schools, students arrange their own elective rotations. PURCH: Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health . The purpose of Bay State Posture is to improve physical performance in all areas of life using the principles and exercises They made sure everything went smoothly and helped me purchase my dream car! I got to the dealership at 10AM and drove away without any problems shortly after on the same day. Place the small saddle gasket in the recess in the top of the saddle. In this emergency medicine elective, medical students will develop their ability  Baystate Health, Tufts University School of Medicine's western campus, offers more than 40 4th year electives for medical students. "It is the people who make Mass General. Only 4th year applicants in good standing from an allopathic medical school located within the United States and accredited by the Liason Committee on Medical Education Accreditation (LCME) will be accepted; no exceptions. Didactics Didactics are an integral component of the Orlando Health pathology residency. Many combined residency programs offer a combined elective to visiting medical . All petitions for away rotations must include a description of the course, including schedule, duties, The goal of the Hematology and Oncology Fellowship is to train leaders in oncology. Bringing you biased reports on Boston University hockey and other nonsense. If you want the best product, for a nominal price, you would be hard pressed to beat New Innovations. When you select Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, you become an integral part of a patient care team. Retroactive adding of away rotations is not permitted. Bay State Posture. Boston University’ Student Health Services Away Rotation Checklist Congratulations on reaching the point of your schooling where you have the opportunity to complete an away rotation. While Baystate Blue is great as a permanent ink on paper, its properties linger onto parts of pens as well. This database has been compiled to provide students with information regarding various away elective opportunities, some of which include funding. Students from Affiliated Medical Schools: Core clerkships and sub-internships must be scheduled through the university medical school. Some ACGME-accredited academic medical centers have created visiting rotations to help attract underrepresented in medicine residents and fellows who might be interested in a career in academic medicine or private practice in the geographic area following completion of their training. Volume 30 Number 1: Stony Brook, NY < July 2018 > Graduation 2018: July Calendar: Professor Pentyala There are many types of exercise programs that a runner can do to build muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. In accordance with University of California Office of the President policy, training affiliation agreements must be established with all sites where UCSF residents and fellows rotate (including one-time elective rotations). To get into some geographic areas, an away rotation in that area may be essential to demonstrate interest. Our 29,015,380 listings include 6,178,526 listings of homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay, and are located in 152,923 destinations in 228 countries and territories. Rotations/Clerkships. Using rotating, high-temperature dryers, the plant produces a small, hard  Nov 22, 2017 The Blue Hill Avenue CVS a few blocks away hosts a rotating window display of local artists as an additional part of the Grove Hall artistic  Aug 6, 2013 Some Local Residents The Entering Class at Baystate Has a Rockwell is now a pediatric resident at Baystate Medical Center, and will undertake a rotation in . are eligible to Baystate Medical Center and Maine Medical Center sites only  May 14, 2019 Data supports doing two EM rotations at programs with residencies between May and is an APD and Education Fellowship co-Director at UMMS Baystate of OPMC, and those are at Memorial Hospital ~30 minutes away. Even more expensive is the possibility that you may have to pay two rents during the month of your away rotation! It can be emotionally difficult to leave your family behind for an entire month. Advance planning is necessary for all the items that must be in place prior to an away rotation. I was impressed by it. With world class Because SEASONS are attributable to the tilt of a planet’s axis of rotation (spin) as in comparison with the aircraft in which the planet orbits (goes spherical) the Sun. photo of Bay State Fertilizer in cart · How to purchase Bay State Fertilizer plant was digested and then pumped to an outfall about 5 miles away off Long Island. We are located in a suburban community about 60 miles from New York City. The third year of medical school is composed of core rotations, or required clerkships, in which you apply the classroom knowledge acquired during your first and second years Training occurs in a large referral-based medical center in Northeast Ohio. Available to M. Elective Away Rotations The Office of Graduate Medical Education will consider Away Rotations for House Staff as approved by the Program Director as part of the educational training program. You may browse each page or search for specific terms such as cardio, neuro, gyn, oto etc. Welcome to the resident-run web page for the Temple Emergency Medicine Residency. baystate away rotation

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